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Ashes to ashes, dust to dust – we all die, it’s a must.  Each day I’m thankful when I wake, to breathe in the air and enjoy the day.   And when my final day does come and my body is laid low below the sod, my spirit will be free to go home to sing and worship before Almighty God.

Sonia R. Parham 2017

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             ready to Pounce,

free pic from Bling

                             Laying in wait,

                             Anytime time now,

                             You will see,

                    him Flying by,

    taking on the Unexpecting puppy,

twitching his taiL.


Sonia R Parham 2016
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Sleep ends and the day begins,

Under no circumstance will you fail,

Revive your spirit, look  up and carry on.

Voice your thanks for a new day, a new opportunity,

In hope and faith as you breath and move forward,

Valiant in your search for a better life,

Always trying to do the best you can,

Letting nothing get you down.

Sonia Parham 2016
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In His sight

As I drove home tonight,

What did I see?

The big bright moon,

Staring down at me.

Peeking between the clouds

And shining so bright,

As if to say,

It will be alright.

You see me through the clouds,

Now trust and believe,

That all, is as it should be.

Remember the One,

Who put me in the sky,

He always has you in His sight.

Sonia Parham 4-19-16

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Where you going?


 Where you going?

Where you been?

Often going and coming again.

Slow down for a moment,

Listen, see, feel and taste, 

Make a point to slow your pace,

Do you notice the color of sky, 

Or the sweet melody of a lullaby?

Take a moment now and then, 

To break from you haste,

And let the good things soak in.

                              SParham 2014

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Just for a moment


Let me lay my head down just for a moment or two, 

Let me shut my eyes from the light in this room, 

Let my ears fall deaf to the office hum, 

Just let me rest ’til evening comes.

                                    SParham 2014

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My drive home

The clouds were dark and hung low in the sky,

The wind began to blow,

Tree limbs and leaves began to fly.

One drop, then two,

Heavy rain did ensue,

The wind buffeted my car as I drove,

Water collected on the road,

Making me slow down.

Something hit my windshield, “POP”

It sounded like a rock…

I drove out of the heavy rain,

Hail began to fall behind me.

I continued home and relaxed,

The rain still fell and the lightning flashed.


SParham 4/24/14