Busy Bee

Busy bee,???????????????????????????????

Busy bee,

Totally ignoring me,

From flower to Flower he goes,

Flying to and fro,

Not caring one bit that I’m near,

Thus I got this pic oh so clear.

SParham 2014

Autumn Stained Glass

Cool morning air,

Heavy dew on the grass,

Leaves changing color,

Gleaming like stained glass,

As the sun lights them up.

                         Sparham 2014

Where you going?


 Where you going?

Where you been?

Often going and coming again.

Slow down for a moment,

Listen, see, feel and taste, 

Make a point to slow your pace,

Do you notice the color of sky, 

Or the sweet melody of a lullaby?

Take a moment now and then, 

To break from you haste,

And let the good things soak in.

                              SParham 2014

Just for a moment


Let me lay my head down just for a moment or two, 

Let me shut my eyes from the light in this room, 

Let my ears fall deaf to the office hum, 

Just let me rest ’til evening comes.

                                    SParham 2014

My drive home

The clouds were dark and hung low in the sky,

The wind began to blow,

Tree limbs and leaves began to fly.

One drop, then two,

Heavy rain did ensue,

The wind buffeted my car as I drove,

Water collected on the road,

Making me slow down.

Something hit my windshield, “POP”

It sounded like a rock…

I drove out of the heavy rain,

Hail began to fall behind me.

I continued home and relaxed,

The rain still fell and the lightning flashed.


SParham 4/24/14



Twenty Questions

Twenty questions,

Yours and mine,

Do you answer true,

Or do you hide?

Twenty questions,

They twist and turn,

Some may tickle,

Others burn.

Twenty question,

Come and play,

Or do you run away?


SParham 4/14/14